May your lives reflect this beautiful sacrifice, and the aroma of Christ, the "grace remains" of her act: may what she has done be told "wherever the gospel is preached throughout the world".



The words "beautiful" and "orthodoxy" are perhaps a counterintuitive pairing. Holding truth and kindness in tension with one another is terribly difficult. But it's also the most powerful.


The Heart and the Head of Our Christian Faith

Mark Galli's reference to "beautiful orthopraxy" has strong connections with Christian Community Development Association's (CCDA) emphasis on "praxis"—merging theory with practice, and in this case, our shared orthodox theology—theory with the day to day decisions, interactions, and life rhythms that reflect these beliefs and values. Threaded throughout the Bible are concepts of orthopraxy—Mayardomia (Stewardship), Tierra (Place / Land), Barrio (Neighborhood), Familia (Family), Amistad (Friendship), Pobresa (Poverty), Sufrimiento (Suffering), Margines (Margins), Fronteras (Borders), Justicia (Righteousness & Justice), Mestizaje (Identity & Blended Culture), Siesta (Rest / Sabbath), Paroquia (Parish), and Fiesta (Banquet Party).

Beautiful Orthodoxy contains both the heart-head and feet-hands of the Christian faith. We are compelled towards right thinking—orthodoxy, as well as right living—ethics and practice. To be surrounded by the cloud of witnesses that Galli referenced: St. Francis, William Wilberforce, Hannah More, Martin Luther King Jr., Teresa of Avila, Richard Foster, and others, includes our friends and neighbors, our co-laborers and co-sojourners today.

We ask ourselves daily not only if we are thinking and living rightly, praxis, but also reference our past and present witnesses to guide us in our thinking and living.

Noel Castellanos is the CEO of Christian Community Development Association and author of Where the Cross Meets the Street.